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Perfect Grapes for Growing in a Small Home Vineyard

Home Vineyard grape growing is such a popular activity now, and there is no better time to get started! If you want to succeed at having grapes for growing purposes, then there are some steps you must follow. First you’ll need to locate a suitable piece of land, which has good drainage and adequate sunshine. After you prepare the soil, you can lay out the plan of your vineyard and provide the support trellis system. A good cover crop will help protect the soil from erosion, and also help in the management of the weeds. Now, you are ready to find the perfect grapes for growing in your vineyard!

So many choices

When you begin to look at grape varieties, you will see that the list is incredibly long. Your best bet is to narrow the focus by answering a few questions about what you are planning to accomplish. Do you hope to produce grapes for eating or wine making? Are your intentions to have enough for your family and friends, or to sell in the grape market? The answers to these questions will give you a more manageable list of grapes for growing what you desire. Next, you will have to determine which varieties or cultivars will be successful in your location, considering the climate, soil, rainfall and wind factors. A local grape grower or nursery owner can be very helpful in selecting the right grapes for growing in your conditions. You may find that a hybrid is the most suitable for your vineyard, especially if there are elements that are extreme, one way or another. Hybrids have been designed to withstand different conditions, making it possible to find a variety that will work in almost any location. Grape vines are actually very adaptable plants, and with a little planning, you will be able to start out your program with stock that will thrive in your situation.

Make it your own

No matter which type of grape variety you select, it is always exciting to see exactly what is produced. The very same variety, even from the same stock, will produce grapes with slightly varied colors, flavors and aromas in different locations. This is because the grape is the ultimate product of the soil, water, sunshine, pests and levels of each. So, the grape, or the wine produced from it will be unique to each vineyard. In other words, all of your time, work and planning will produce grapes for growing your own distinct taste.

John Bello has been growing grapes in California for more than 25 years. For more information on grapes for growing, visit


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